License to Carry Permits
**Due to the recent increase in Covid cases, we must revert back to appointment only status for CC permits. Starting Monday, November 16, 2020, you must call 724-770-4613 to schedule an appointment. Appointments will be scheduled 10 minutes apart. Walk-ins will only be accepted if there is an appointment slot open. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.**
Individuals desiring to obtain, or renew, a License to Carry Permit are now required to appear in person at the Sheriff’s Office Civil Division to obtain an application form. Hours of operation are 0830am to 0330pm.  In addition to the completed application, applicants will need to have the following: a PA Driver’s License or PA State ID; the names, addresses and telephone numbers of two references; and $20 cash or check payable to the Beaver County Sheriff’s Office. Please be advised that because of the high volume of applicants, you should expect a slight delay.  Chairs are available for those waiting in the hallway just outside our Civil Division office.  Facial coverings and social distancing is required.
It should be noted that if you had a valid License to Carry Permit and it expired on March 19, 2020 or later, the expiration has been extended to March 31, 2021.
As a result of the process returning to normal, we will no longer be accepting mail-in applications.  Please, DO NOT SEND MAIL-INS.
Questions regarding this process can be answered by calling the Sheriff’s Office at 724-770-4614.
Sheriff Tony Guy said, “We greatly appreciate, and are very thankful for, the understanding and cooperation the people of Beaver County exhibited as we navigated the unchartered waters of COVID-19”.

Pennsylvania Law requires the Sheriff of Beaver County to process all Applications for License to Carry Firearms.

Licenses are issued to all those who qualify, based on a background investigation done by the Sheriff’s Office through the Pennsylvania Instant Check system (PIC). Once an application for license to carry is filed, the Sheriff has 45 days in which to complete the investigation and notify the applicant. The license is valid for 5 years. The Sheriff has the ability to revoke the license at any time for misuse.


 Please Follow these Instructions:


Click here to download the License to Carry Application.

Save the file in the directory of your choice.

When the file has been saved to your PC, open and print out Page 1 of the form ONLY.

For most users, the option to print from Page 1 to 1 is the easiest way to print just the first page.

Allow the ink to dry

Turn the paper over and re-insert in your printer.

Print Page 2 of the form on the remaining blank side using the same method described in step 2 above, except you will print from Page 2 of 2.

Sign the form, and come in person into the office between 8:30 A.M. and 4 P.M.



 Requirements for License to Carry Firearms


​The applicant must be 21 years of age or older with a picture I.D. for proof.

The applicant must be a resident of Beaver County, Pennsylvania for at least 90 days.(May require proof of residency)

The application must have NO CRIMINAL CONVICTIONS.

The applicant must be of good character and reputation; acting in a manner that will not be dangerous to public safety.

Character References must be Beaver County residents. Be sure to include their full name, address, and telephone number where they can be reached during business hours.

If employment is indicated as a reason for requesting a license to carry a firearm, a letter of confirmation from your employer must accompany the application. This letter must state that the employer approves of you carrying a firearm on the premises of employment and while conducting business for the employer.

You must complete the application in full. Anything left blank will cause the application to be denied.

Due to public alarm, we recommend the carrying of a small, concealed handgun.

This application approval process can take 20-45 business days to complete. You will be contacted by mail as to the outcome.

Any license not renewed or picked up within three (3) months will require a new application and fee.

The application and any attached documents must be brought to the Sheriff’s Office by the applicant between the hours of 8:30 A.M. and 4 P.M.

Application fee: $20. Payment can be made by cash, money order or personal check made payable to the Sheriff’s Office. No credit or debit cards please.