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**Due to the recent increase in Covid cases, we must revert back to appointment only status for CC permits. Starting Monday, November 16, 2020, you must call 724-770-4613 to schedule an appointment. Appointments will be scheduled 10 minutes apart. Walk-ins will only be accepted if there is an appointment slot open. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.**
Individuals desiring to obtain, or renew, a License to Carry Permit are now required to appear in person at the Sheriff’s Office Civil Division to obtain an application form. Hours of operation are 0830am to 0330pm.  In addition to the completed application, applicants will need to have the following: a PA Driver’s License or PA State ID; the names, addresses and telephone numbers of two references; and $20 cash or check payable to the Beaver County Sheriff’s Office. Please be advised that because of the high volume of applicants, you should expect a slight delay.  Chairs are available for those waiting in the hallway just outside our Civil Division office.  Facial coverings and social distancing is required.
It should be noted that if you had a valid License to Carry Permit and it expired on March 19, 2020 or later, the expiration has been extended to March 31, 2021.
As a result of the process returning to normal, we will no longer be accepting mail-in applications.  Please, DO NOT SEND MAIL-INS.
Questions regarding this process can be answered by calling the Sheriff’s Office at 724-770-4614.
Sheriff Tony Guy said, “We greatly appreciate, the understanding and cooperation the people of Beaver County exhibited as we navigated the unchartered waters of COVID-19”.

Beaver County Sheriff's Office Patch

The Beaver County Sheriff’s Office is the largest law enforcement agency in Beaver County with an authorized complement of a Chief Deputy, Captain, Lieutenant, 20 full-time deputies, 23 part-time deputies, 3 security monitors,   and 7 clerical staff.  Primary responsibilities include security for the Beaver County Courthouse and security for the courtrooms and court staff.  Deputies staff the security checkpoints, are present in the County’s 9 courtrooms, and maintain a presence within the courthouse allowing for a safe environment for county employees and visitors.  The Sheriff’s Office also staffs the security desk at the Human Services Building in Beaver Falls which houses Children and Youth Services, Behavioral Health, and the Office on Aging.
The deputies are tasked with transportation of incarcerated prisoners from the Beaver County Jail located in Hopewell Township near West Aliquippa, to the Courthouse for all criminal proceedings in Beaver County.  Additionally, this responsibility extends to the transportation of inmates at other County Jails, State Correctional Institutions in the Commonwealth, and the extradition of prisoners from out of state facilities to Beaver County. Lastly, the Sheriff’s Office is responsible for the transportation of juveniles who are placed by the courts in a juvenile facility.  While prisoners are in the custody of the Sheriff’s Office, deputies are responsible for moving them to and from their scheduled courtrooms, and maintaining security of them. In 2018, the Beaver County Sheriff’s Office transported 2,842 prisoners to/from the Beaver County Jail, 423 prisoners to/from other county or state facilities, and transported 123 juveniles. 
The Regional Booking Center (RBC), located at the Beaver County Jail, is also run by the Sheriff’s Office, and is staffed by deputies and Corrections Officers.  They handle the intake and processing of prisoners, as well as Video Arraignments and data entry for state and federal databases.  The RBC handled 4,507 bookings as part of 7,566 overall log entries in 2018.  Also headquartered at the Jail, the Warrant Unit is responsible for serving and administratively processing all County Bench Warrants issued by the Court of Common Pleas.  In, 2018 the Warrant Unit and other deputies cleared 1,958 warrants.
The Sheriff’s Office is also responsible for serving final Protection From Abuse Orders (PFAs), which are issued by the courts, generally in regards to domestic violence cases.  Last year, 998 PFAs and returns were processed by the Sheriff’s Office.  Serving civil writs and other civil processes are also a large part of the Sheriff’s Office responsibilities, as 3,599 civil papers were processed, including 2,204 civil writs served by the deputies. 
The Sheriff’s Office maintains two K9 units, both of which are dual-purpose.  One, Rangwo is trained in explosives detection, the other, Ruke narcotics/drug detection.  Both are trained to assist patrol officers and in tracking.  The K9 units are available to assist local, state and federal law enforcement, and are available for school and civic demonstrations.  The Sheriff’s Office also has 7 members on the County’s Emergency Services Unit (ESU) tactical team, that responds to high risk incidents, as well as assisting the County Anit-Drug Task Force with serving Search Warrants.  Sheriff Guy serves on the Advisory Panel for ESU.
The Sheriff’s Office provides law enforcement support for county events, including the Maple Syrup Festival, Opening of Trout Season, and Food Truck Festival at Brady’s Run Park, as well as the Barn Bashes at Economy Park.  Upon request from municipal police departments assistance is provided for local events.
Lastly the Sheriff’s Office is responsible for issuing License to Carry (LTC) permits.  5,184 LTC permits were issued last year.




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 Contact Information

General Contact
Phone: 724-770-4600
Fax: 724-728-2412
Email: Sheriff@beavercountypa.gov
Criminal Division      
Phone: 724-770-4602           
Fax: 724-728-5080
Gun Permits
Phone: 724-770-4614
Bench Warrants        
Phone: 724-512-2394           
Fax: 724-378-9065
Civil Division            
Phone: 724-770-4612           
Fax: 724-728-2412
Real Estate
Phone: 724-770-4613
Hours of Operation:
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM, Monday thru Friday (excluding holidays)
License to Carry Registration Hours:
8:30 AM – 4 PM, Monday thru Friday (excluding holidays)
After Hours:
Please call Beaver County Police Center at 724-775-0880. Phone answers 24 hours/day.