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Types Of Filings

Records maintained in the Clerk of Court’s Office include all documents filed in the following:

  • Misdemeanor and Felony Criminal Matters
  • Misdemeanor 3 -Cases sentenced by District Justices
  • Appeal of Summary Conviction from District Justice
  • Road, Liquor, and Municipal Matters
  • Private Detectives Licensed In Beaver County
  • Constable and Deputy Constable Oaths of Office, Appointments, performance
  • Bonds and Liability Bonds
  • Election Appointments such as Majority and Minority Inspectors of Election
  • Tax Collectors Bonds
  • Tax Collector Reports
  • Annual Audit Reports of municipalities
  • Miscellaneous criminal matters such as Forfeiture of Confiscated Evidence
  • Records from 1802 to present day
  • Collection of all Court Fines, Court Costs and Restitution.